воскресенье, 10 января 2021 г.

Ultra-precise "Krasnopol" of NATO caliber spotted in Algeria

This ammunition is designed to destroy various field fortifications, samples of armored vehicles, including main battle tanks. In this case, not only stationary targets are confidently hit, but also those that are in motion.
In addition to products made in the 152-mm caliber, traditional for domestic guns, there are also variants of the "NATO-type" - 155-mm, which can be used by almost all foreign artillery systems. It is known about the existence of two modifications - K155 and 155M.
The latter has improved technical characteristics. With its own weight of 54.3 kg, the mass of the warhead reaches 22.5 kg, 11 kg falls on the explosive. Length - 1200 mm. The maximum firing range is 26,000 meters.
An interesting feature of the shells is that they attack targets from above, diving at it, hitting, for example, tanks in the roof of the tower or in the area of ​​the engine compartment, that is, in the most vulnerable places.
The Malakhit portable artillery fire control system is used for detection and guidance; it is equipped with a laser rangefinder-target designator, a thermal imager, a special computer, satellite navigation and communication equipment.
According to reports, the Krasnopoli are using the PLZ 45 self-propelled artillery guns and the PLL01 towed howitzers in service with the Algerian army.

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