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The American edition has compiled the top of the strangest ammunition

The American edition of We Are The Mighty has compiled a selection of the strangest ammunition for firearms. Some of them remained a concept, while some were used in real combat.

Dardik Triangle Ammo

Weapons designer David Dardik patented an open-chambered pistol known as Tround in 1958 (short for triangular round, meaning "triangular circle" or "triangular cartridge").
It was a hybrid of a conventional pistol and a revolver, where the cartridges were fed into the drum both through the magazine, and could simply be loaded from the side (the shells were also thrown out from the side). That is, unlike the classic revolver, the cartridge chambers were not O-shaped, but U-shaped. In addition to loading speed, another advantage was that the triangular shaped cartridges took up less storage space.


This name hides a whole family of small arms developed in the 1960s in the United States, the main feature of which was that instead of traditional bullets, it used small missiles. Weapon designers tried to create a powerful armor-piercing weapon, which, moreover, would have a low noise level when firing (the hiss of a launched rocket is noticeably quieter than the sound of a shot).
The gun was considered, first of all, as a means of defending ships from boarding crews. It is noteworthy that Pakl presented two versions of his weapon - with conventional spherical and cubic bullets. The former, as more humane, were intended for the Christian enemies, and the latter - for the Muslim opponents. However, in the end, Pakl's gun did not impress the military of that time.

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