воскресенье, 10 января 2021 г.

Hermes will fill the niche between artillery shells and tactical missiles

The Army-2020 military-technical forum, which will take place in the Patriot park near Moscow, will be the venue for the premiere of a new Russian missile system created by specialists from the Instrument-Making Design Bureau.
“The exposition of KBP JSC will for the first time showcase the Hermes high-precision guided weapon system with an over-the-horizon firing range of up to 100 km. It is a new generation complex that occupies a niche between guided artillery shells and operational-tactical systems. The complex implements a salvo fire mode at several (up to 6) spaced targets, as well as automatic synchronization of laser target designation for hitting targets with high-precision ammunition with a miss of no more than 0.5 m, ”TASS reports. 
The Hermes system is equipped with an autonomous targeting system operating on the “fire and forget” principle.
It is stated that "Hermes" is adapted for installation on land vehicles, ships, as well as aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the publication, the missile system is being developed in two modifications - for firing at 20 km in the line of sight, and for hitting targets at a distance of up to 100 km outside the line of sight.

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